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About Tavanir :: Specialized Holding company of Tavanir and its subsidiary companies

The specialized holding company of Tavanir together with 16 Regional Electric Companies, 42 Distribution companies, 27 Generation Management Companies, Organization for Development of Electric Power, Iran power plant project Management Company (MAPNA), Iran Organization for new Energies (SANA), Iran organization for Energy Productivity (SABA) and Iran Power Plant repairs company as its subsidiary companies, are responsible for protection and development of National Assets in the Electric Power Industry and will carry out their duties in the fields of planning, coordination, supervision and evaluation of this industry Supply, generation, transmission and sell of reliable electric power is maintained by 16 Regional Electric Companies within the country, Development of thermal power plants in the National integrated network is duty of Iran organization for Electric Power Development “MAPNA” Company and will be carried out through (local or foreign)contractors.

98 per cent of annual electric power of the country is generated by the power plants belonging to the Ministry of Energy and the rest by private power plants. From the electric power generation share of the Ministry of Energy 98 per cent is generated by 53 thermal power plants and the rest by 17 Hydro electric power plants. The maintenance and operation of these 53 thermal power plants are carried out by 27 Generation Management Companies. Development of new energy power plant is carried out by Iran organization for new sources of Energy (SANA) through local or foreign contractors.

Maintenance , operation and development of Distribution network are carried out in non-governmental manner by 42 Distribution companies (affiliated to 16 Regional Electric Companies).

Supporting services both technical and non-technical (such as repairment of power plants, network, supply of goods etc) are carried out by Tamirat Niro Company and some non-governmental companies separated from the main body of the Electric Power Industry and gathered in satkab company.

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