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About Tavanir :: Constitution of the company

a) General assembly

b) Board of Directors and Managing Director

c) Inspector (accountant)

a) General assembly: The general assembly of the company comprises of the following members;

1- The Minister of Energy “Chairman of the general assembly)

2- The Minister of Assets and economy affairs

3- The head of organization for management and planning of the country

4- The Minister of oil

5- The Minister of Mine and Industries.

The general assemblies of the company are:

1- Ordinary general assembly

2- Extraordinary general assembly

b) Board of Directors and Managing Director;

The board of Directors of the company comprises of three to five members which are elected among experts in various fields of specialties related to the activities of the company by approval of the ordinary general assembly for two years. Upon the termination of the period of office, they will stay in their office until new election is taken place and their re-election is not forbidden.

Note: The chairman of board of Directors is acting as the Deputy Minister of Energy.

The Managing Director of the company is the highest ranking executive and is elected by the members of board of Directors among themselves or from the outside of the board of Directors and will be assigned by the Minister of Energy to this office . The Managing Director is responsible for managing the affairs of the company within the scope of responsibilities defined in the organizational mandate. The Managing Director may release a part of his duties and authorities to any personnel of the company but in any case that would not deny him from his responsibilities.

The following issues are among the duties of the Managing Director.

1- Implementation of issues approved by the general assemblies and board of Directors.

2- Preparation of annual budget of the company, financial bill of the company and comprised financial bill of the subsidiary companies and presentation of them to the board of Directors.

3- Preparation and arrangement of activity programs of the company and presentation of them to the board of Directors.

4- Handling technical, financial , administration and employment affairs of the company

5- Proposing financial , business and employment regulations of the company to the board of Directors.

6- Proposing the comprehensive organization of the company to the board of Directors.

7- Solicitating the release of subsidiary companies which are subject to release to the private sector to the organization of privatization within the framework approved by the general assembly.

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